Thursday, 11 January 2018

circulaire familiprix princeville

Canada Familiprix is ​​a group of independent pharmacists. From 2012, Familiprix composed of 320 pharmacies with over $ 1 billion in retail sales. Familiprix network employs more than 5,000 people and covers all parts of Quebec and New Brunswick. circulaire familiprix princeville

Sylvain Marcel actor becomes the star of a series of humorous television commercials and web companies Familiprix Familiprix. He plays a pharmacist by white lab coat who mixes in everyday situations, only to suddenly shout "Ah, yes, Familiprix!" weekly flyers truro ns

if it is obvious that the help of a pharmacist needed: when buying a struck against the window, when former smoker lights up a cigarette or when the young couple's home alone for the weekend. Song title ad campaign is "Do not You Just Know It" by Huey "Piano" Smith.

Brochure "Do not buy black Records", ca. Courtesy of Special Even blues legend has much Funk - BB King by Jerome Brunet. Pin was discovered and more in Music