Monday, 8 January 2018

super c grocery store flyer quebec

Super C is a discounted Quebec store with more than 80 characters in Quebec. Store 4,103 square feet (44,164 square meters) in size. Super C offers 8,000 products that contain up to 1200 products of the Super C brand for private labels. In mid-2006, nine stores in Ontario were changed to Food Basics or Loeb stores. The Pembroke Store, Ontario is closed, and the building is now taken by Value Village. super c grocery store flyer quebec

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With more than 80 stores in Quebec, Super C is one of the largest shopping centers. Super C is known as a discount selling option offering low prices for many products, including national products.

The store selects up to 8000 items, sets basic food supplies and hardcovers. It also sells a list of bees, of beer and wine to various drinks in selected areas. In addition, most Super C sites contain Western Union, COINSTAR or FedEx services.
Among the most popular favorites in the store is the choice of Merit, Super C and Irresistibles, which produces and sells the best choice of frozen foods, simple foods and basic food products. The Super C kite can offer 50% for sale as well as specialist products from product to food and things for the future.